Available 9am to 3:30pm

                  Open Sandwiches

Meatloaf – Tomato chutney, meatloaf, lettuce, olive oil                                                  16

Reuben* – Pastrami, mustard aioli, cheddar, pickles, cabbage                                    19

Salmon* – Smoked salmon, Caesar dressing, cucumber, dill, capers                         21


Beef – beef, chutney, cheese, beetroot, tomato, caramelised onion , mustard aioli                                        19.5

Open Thai Chicken* – chicken bacon pattie, slaw, lime aioli,  thai dressing, fried shallots                  18.5

Vegetarian*V – chickpea, vegetables, chutney, beetroot, cheese, tomato,  mustard aioli                          19.5

Lamb* - Lamb fetta pattie, capsicum relish, beetroot,  tomato, cheese, mint yoghurt                                  22.5

Pulled Pork* – Pulled Pork, Ranch slaw, Pickles, Cheese                                                                                      21


Vegetarian platter*V –Assorted Roasted vegetables, Kasoundi aioli, pomegranate            23

Ploughman platter*-   Meatloaf, chutney, onion, olives, cheese, pickles                                24

Charcuterie platter* – Chef selection of meats, olives, pickles, chutney, onion                   26

Cheese platter*V – Assorted cheeses, pickles, relish, olives                                                         22

Braised leek and feta tart V – with side salad                                                                               19.5

Risotto Ball*V – mozzarella and basil stuffed,  polenta crusted with salad               (1) 17  (2) 21

Soup*V – daily special, toasted sourdough                                                                                             14

Falafel salad*V – chickpea falafel, quinoa, pumpkin, kasoundi, pomegranate                          21


*Gluten free available             V Vegetarian available